1. Consumer Rehab- Day 150!

    Hey Buddies!

    I have been really sucky with actually writing things for this Blog, although I do remember to put down the recipes and stuff I’m doing, just not the essays of info.  So here I go!

    Since early this year( Im talking January!) I have been searching out all the Permaculture design courses i could find that would give scholarships. Its been in my plan to kinda switch gears from being so( and only ) physical in my work. I totally understand that being involved with nature will also mean that I have to physically work hard but right now I work as a dance teacher/ dancer and personal trainer to pay my bills. I LOVE my jobs, I really do. But it can be very exhausting answering the same things, doing the same warm-up, thinking up numerous combos a week. 

    I have spent the last 23 years of my life pretty much just focusing on dance or teaching dance. I really hope that the next few years allow me to spread myself out more. As homesteading and permaculture become more and more important to me it would be nice for my “work” to follow suit.  I get a little bit like a giddy school girl when I learn neat little factoids about plants. For example did you know that sagebush and lavender are 2 of MANY flame resistant plants!! Makes sense, you always see them on the mountains of hot and dry land! AMAZEBALLS!

    But needless to say I got offered 2 scholarships for PDCs( permaculture design courses) and BOTH didn’t run due to lack of interest! Super disappointing!

    So I say FUCK IT.. I’m going to teach myself everything that I can and hope that I can somehow develop myself in this field. I’m still hoping that sometime soon Ill be able to take the course because our culture just LOVES little pieces of paper saying that you have completed some money sucking schooling. BS! 

    So Im starting my reading with GAIAS GARDEN by Toby Hemenway. I just happened to be walking by a used book store and there it was in the window. So far I’m on page 25 and I friggin love it. Lots of practical knowledge packed in there. 

    For those of you who have NO idea what permaculture is. Ill show you in pictures. 

    "Typical" gardening

    You’ll notice

    • Super neat and tidy
    • Waste of space( around the raised bed and in the rows)
    • Separation of the plants
    • Each plant fends for itself
    Now Permaculture/ ecological gardening looks like this!
    • Jammed packed with growing potential 
    • Great variety in plant growth 
    • It’s designed so one plant can help another. After time these kind of gardens require less labour, attract many happy insects, birds and animals. Most are edible. Its like a jungle you can pick and eat from. 
    • realized and used the fact that all plants have more that one use or function and tries to maximize it!
    Hope that helps?
    My partner and I have also been trying to expand our plant identification skills and their uses. Last weekend we did a nice little walk and started naming types of ferns, trees, shrubs and even found a few new ones that we were able to find in our handy dandy book. 

    Things I  have done the past few weeks

    • Took a bee keeping works shop! I love bees!
    • Renewed some cast irons
    • Knitted some scrubbies for my cast irons pans out of gardening twine
    • Been pretty obsessed with learning more about the uses of plants in my area. Food, medicine, twine.. ect.
    • Went on my first canoe trip with my partner and camped out.. it was amazing. Even if there was wolf spiders!

    Oh YAH!- I still haven’t bought anything else new. So I’m still at a mop head and a backpack!! SUCKAS!